Machining technique

We produce in-house using our professional workforce. We start with the fundamentals, such as sifting the raw materials, appropriately blending them, and making them using specialized equipment in the next step. ROWING will be layered on top. It will be pressed by specialized equipment, represent the last layer of glass fibre, and mark the end of the product development process.

Quality Management

Waterking has always been steadfast and rigorous in quality management, according to its name. We have implemented an ongoing process of improvement within the company regarding safety and environmental standards in order to retain the same. We have a procedure of internal quality audit to maintain a constant eye on everything we offer even if we have passed all external audits. By setting up personality and productivity-improving initiatives, we are always working on process optimization and


Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, which spans 90,000 square feet, is located in Rajkot. It is located 250 kilometres from Mundra Port and 15 kilometres from Rajkot, the main industrial centre. The design of our factory adheres to the most recent industrial standards to guarantee the highest quality standards without jeopardising the safety of our workforce. Our internal teams for designing, research & development, and quality control make sure that we always offer the

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